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Good things come to those who wait!


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About Me 

My name is Lucilio Brandao 

Welcome amongst those who are good enough to care and brave enough to act!
I pledge to campaign, plan, plant, protect and care for the natural world


My love for nature and all things related to nature from an ant to the blue whale, from dandelion to the giant sequoia, made me start this project we all must do our part no matter how small. Even the fact of planting a single tree on your back garden. And this is my way of doing my bit

campaigning for the environment and climate change, biodiversity. 

Shenron BGood things come to those who wait!

Why should we grow trees?

There are many reasons for growing trees. Some of them are more obvious than others, but they are all good!

Trees protect us

Trees provide shade and shelter, create cooler micro-climates, absorb rainfall and help stop soil erosion.

Trees provide for us

They provide food, fuel and timber for us. They improve air quality and reduce noise pollution, making places more pleasant to live in. They provide calm and relaxation away from daily stresses.

Climate and biodiversity

Trees offer potential solutions to the issues we face today. The mass planting of trees will help lock up carbon and reduce the effects of climate change. Trees (and the habitats they create) support a huge and diverse range of animals and plant species – our biodiversity. Without trees, they could be lost forever.

My world is where we all must live in harmony with nature.